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    Error 16 AGAIN!


      I purchased a copy of Lightroom 6 stand alone when it was released. Since then I get an error 16 approximately once a week and am required to set up permissions repeatedly. When I review the permission settings after receiving the error 16 message those permissions are always correct.  This is an extremely annoying bug that Adobe certainly is aware of. Time for me to dump Adobe and use On1. On1 fixes bugs.

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi lienr,


          Are you on Windows or Mac? have you tried repairing the disk permissions.




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            axmelissarios1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi lienr3288662,


            We haven't heard back from you. Please let us know what kind of OS you have. You can also find the steps to resolve this issue at this document: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/configuration-error.html. Please let us know if those help by marking a reply as the correct answer. If those steps didn't help, please reply back to this thread.




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              I have the exact problem. Error 16 keeps coming back repeatadly even after I try the fixes suggested. I run a Mac with OS 10.11.6 and lightroom  6.10.1 stand alone edition not CC.


              I have tried the adobe suggested solution to repair folder permissions on OS X, they do not work consistently. Also the option to repair folder permissions in the disk utility is not available since Yosemite. And disk permissions don't change by themselves!


              I have reinstalled Lightroom.


              Last time I could not even find the SLStore folder. By recreating it it allowed me to recover and lightroomo upon starting asked me for my serial number as lit does in a new installation.


              I have logging in and out of adore, why is this even necessary?


              This is very frustrating.

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Philbast I am sorry that you continue to face Error 16 when opening Lightroom 6.  Error 16 occurs when the current User account does not have the necessary permissions to read, write, and modify the SLStore and Adobe PCD folder.  If the current User account is unable to successfully perform those actions then please create a new local administrator account and launch Lightroom 6 in the new account.


                Details on how to set up a new local administrator account for Mac OS can be found at Install or run Adobe applications in new user account | Mac OS X.  If the you no longer receive Error 16 when launching Lightroom 6 on the new local administrator account then you may need to migrate your settings and documents to the new account.


                If you do continue to receive Error 16 in the new local administrator account then review the settings of any installed security software that may be preventing the Adobe PCD and SLStore folder from being modified.  If the behavior occurs under both accounts then something installed is actively preventing those folders from being updated Philbast.

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                  philbast Level 1

                  Thank you for your response,


                  As lightroom is now working, I will try this solution of setting a new administrator account when it fails. I am not running any security software except for "little snitch" which is a firewall for outbound connections, this software does not operate on folders or disk permissions.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    Ok thank you for the update Philbast.  Please feel free to update this discussion if you have any additional questions around this error.