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    Color matching between InDesign & PhotoShop when printing


      I have a small business creating fine art prints. I work mostly in RGB Pro Photo when I am scanning and when I'm color correcting in Photoshop.

      I also have all my Adobe software synchronized for color through Bridge.


      I work in Photoshop when proofing and color correcting, but I use InDesign templates I've made for my print runs.

      I have never had a problem before with the color matching on the same image whether it was printed from Photoshop or InDesign, but for whatever reason now the color does not match.


      The color shift is not drastic, but I don't understand why there is a difference at all! See attached image. The print on the right is in my InDesign template, the print on the left is the same image printed through Photoshop. Hopefully you can see how the one on the right is missing detail and contrast.

      Any ideas how I can correct this? Am I missing some thing simple?