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    iPhone 7 photo import completely nonfunctional


      - Lightroom CC 2015.10

      - iPhone 7 Plus

      - Windows 10 fully updated

      - 16 GB RAM

      - CPU i7 4790K




      1. Plug in iPhone 7 Plus to PC via USB
      2. PC recognizes iPhone correctly
      3. Click on "Trust this PC" on iPhone dialog that comes up
      4. Launch Lightroom
      5. Click on import button
      6. Lightroom displays iPhone 7 as a source
      7. Select iPhone 7 as source
      8. Wait hours for nothing to happen. In bottom left hand corner the "Loading files..." message displays, without ever loading a single file


      I have wasted an entire evening trying everything in the book trying to get Lightroom to import from my iPhone to no avail. The issue sounds exactly like this one: iPhone import fail since last CC update


      What's the fix?