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    Special Needs Wish

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      Dear Adobe, I am trying to contact someone about a wish request for a young disabled man who is to weak to move and uses a wheelchair to get around. His family takes care of him 24 7 and depends on the help of others to live. Lately he has taken an interest in video and graphic design. He uses some programs he has found for free but nothing great. He keeps his mind going by reading and learning new things. Even if he is in to much pain to have a job or use these talents he still wants to learn. Computers have always been his savior and something he can do from bed. The reason for this email is because he and his family don't have the extra money to pay for a subscription each month and would like to find away to get him access to your programs without a monthly fee. He is in this for the love of learning and not to make money. Who do I contact for help? The make a wish foundation is very busy I am sure. If I have to run a fund raiser I will. I just thought there must be a way to get him access if I could ask the president of Adobe. Please Help