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    Desktop to iOS color difference.


      I'm a little new to color profiles and such, but I cannot find and answer to this (rather simple) problem.


      No matter how I change the color settings and profiles, every time I export a PNG from Photoshop to view on my iPad, the colors always come out extremely over-saturated when viewed on the iPad compared to the computer. I've tried exporting in sRGB as well as an embedded color profile, but it is always the same over-saturation on the iPad.


      There is probably an easy solution to this, but  I somehow cannot find an answer to this anywhere, even though I feel this would be a common problem.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          How do the png files display on your PC or Mac. If they display they way you like there is the iPad or your PC or Mac displaying the files correctly  or are both displaying the images colors incorrectly.  What do other say about you image files displayed on their devices?


          Are you including color profile in your PNG file and are all the image viewer application you use on your display devices color managed or do the assume color values are sRGB color values.  Are your images in the sRGB color space?

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            As long as iPads are not color managed (and considering the viewing conditions that would seem pretty close to nonsensical) trying to optimise an image for viewing on said device seems like an exercise in futility to me.


            Do you have access to another iPad?

            If so how similar are the display results on the two devices side-by-side?

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              tmyusuf74 Level 3

              Hi! Are your nerves for your desktop to iOS color difference issue? I said to you that here are different is a common matter because of you look at that Desktop PC configuration and other hand iPad which is very good displaying. So this is the point Desktop PC show image his own displaying and iPad displaying they are own displaying. So last word I am saying two images are good. It depends on your choice, and sorry for my poor English.