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    Quality problem when exporting for Instagram


      Hello! I have a question considering uploading high quality DSLR images to Instagram. I shoot with sonya7s, mostly videos but lately I've found myself wanting to learn more about photography and photo editing also.


      The problem is, I feel like when I upload a photo on Instagram, it somehow looks.. pixelated? grainy? just not good to my eye. I've tried cutting down on sharpening, lower resolution (I read that 72p would be ideal?), exporting in png jpg etc.. but I'm still not satisfied. People like Chris Burkard, Sam Kolder and Taylorcutfilms always upload such great looking pictures without them getting pixelated or grainy (of course they use different cameras) but I'm just wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong in the progress of editing, sharpening or exporting?


      All advice welcome, thank you