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    Exporting as Interactive PDF Indesign and images go blurry


      Please help, I am wildly confused as to what the issue is here.


      I am attempting to import one page documents as Interactive PDFs in InDesign, but every time I do the two images (PNG) will become blurry. I have tried lossy and lossless compression, all PPI options, exporting for print, exporting high quality print (turning off "optimize for fast web view" as some previous posts have suggested), turning compression to "none" for color images, grayscale images, and monochrome images (as some previous posts have suggested), and a few more options. I don't know enough about compression (and InDesign, apparently) and now I am worried I have adjusted many settings and it is still not working. Can anyone tell me what the best setting is to export?


      The links are updated.


      This is for my resume, so the document will be sent in emails but hypothetically printed out at some point, though I'd rather have it the priority view be for digital use.


      Actual PPI is 72

      Effective PPI is 2527 x 2542

      Dimensions are 512 x 512 and I am using it much smaller than its original size

      ICC profile is RGB document


      I have also tried placing another image of very high quality, and when it is exported into PDF it is also incredibly blurry.


      Please help if you know anything or what the best export options to try for this.


      Thank you!!!