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    Critique this disk arrangement to optimize Lightroom, Photoshop


      Based on the Adobe recommendations for optimizing Lightroom and Photoshop performance, there are 2 sets of files that benefit the most from a fast disk:

      1. Lightroom catalogs and previews
      2. Photoshop scratch disk


      I believe this is the best disk arrangement that meets these recommendations with the fewest disk drives. Do you agree?


      C: - SSD - operating system & programs

      D: - SSD - Lightroom catalogs & previews, Photoshop scratch disk

      E: - fast, large conventional drive - image files


      One of my requirements is that the non-technical user NOT have to move files (for example, images) from disk to disk on a regular basis. (Otherwise you might also put this month's "active" images on the SSD drive, for example, and then archive them monthly.)


      Thank you!




      The Adobe recommendations come from these two articles: