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      I recently got a new PC and loaded Adobe XI from my licensed disk.  I draft reports in MS Word, then convert them to Adobe before sending them to clients.  My logo is on all my Word reports.  After the conversion process, the new Adobe file has a dark shadow around my logo that can't be removed.  This didn't happen with my old computer or my laptop which has the same licensed version of Adobe XI. 


      I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Adobe and Word (365), which doesn't fix the problem.  When I sent the Word and problem Adobe files to my computer guy, he removed some "layers" from the file and converted it and it was fine.  Sent it back and my computer still puts the shadow on it when I convert it. 


      The other problem I'm having is that updates won't work when I click on them.  That has been happening for a long time across various computers.


      I've tried calling the 800 number for Adobe and going to their online chat, and neither one would help me. The chat person said the only thing I can do is pose my questions to this forum.  I don't see where I can attach a file to this discussion, or I would.


      HELP!  This is very frustrating!