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    Digital Signature Drag Box


      I used to be able to vary the size of a digital signature by dragging my mouse over the area to place the signature on. This option is not available anymore for some weird reason. When I go Tools>Certificates>Digitally Sign I get a standard size box which sometimes is too big to fit in my documents.


      Anyone knows how I can revert back to the drag box option?


      Thanks in advance,


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          vassalitos Level 1



          Was too quick on my gun there. The box size is actually editable by dragging the mouse once it appears.

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            cadbury Adobe Employee

            Dear vassalitos,


            Thank you for reporting the issue.

            You are absolutely right with the solution. We have included an enhancement for which we have to drag the box to size before leaving the mouse click while placing the box as opposed to earlier behavior where it could be resized after placing the box on the pdf.


            Thanks and regards,

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              ... Why change something that works...? This is a good example why one should not do that.


              Please explain how one should now sign a field in a document like this:



              I am in the top right corner of a document. I want to place the signature within the "Approved" box. The new default signature size is too big. Fantastic. Now how do I resize it? Well, I need to put the top-left corner of the signature box in the top-left corner of the "Approved" box, click and resize. Cumbersome, but so far so good. But how do I do that if the box is being moved by the mouse cursor which is in the bottom-right corner of the box (red dot), which cannot go outside of the margins of the document itself....?


              I honestly thought this is a bug in my PC.... What kind of a UI requires you to position a top-left corner of a box, while dragging the box for its bottom-right corner!?


              What was wrong with defining the size of a signature by creating a custom size box with the mouse cursor? Click-drag-release - done. This is a nightmare. Absolutely shocked.


              Are there no settings to get rid of this new, revolutionary method... with all due respect...?

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                cadbury Adobe Employee

                Dear violina123,


                Thank you for reporting the issue.

                Please try reducing the zoom level. And placing the signature rectangle at the bottom right corner where you want to.Setting the zoom level of the pdf to a higher value shows a bigger box size.But if you reduce it to a lower zoom level the box does not appear too big and secondly you can place it at any position. This would solve the problem of the box not going outside boundary as well.

                To revert this change, you have to set the registry key as follows:

                HKEY_CURRENT_USER-->Software-->Adobe-->[Product Name]-->[Track Name like DC/2015 etc]-->Security-->cDigSig-->bModernTool

                bModernTool should be of type REG_DWORD and value should be set to 0.

                This will take you back to old setting for signature box.


                Please let me know if you are facing any issue




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                  violina123 Level 1

                  Thank you very much for your prompt response!


                  Zooming out is of course a work-around that I currently use, but it is by no means a solution as then the signature field and text of the document become unreadable and the box very difficult to accurately sign within (working with A2 scaled drawings/documents where zooming out to see the entire page makes text incredibly small). Highly annoying.


                  I will try the registry changes you suggest, which, if they work, will resolve the issue. Will report. Thank you.

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                    violina123 Level 1

                    Worked!! Fantastic, Adobe Acrobat is useful again


                    Thank you!

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                      cadbury Adobe Employee

                      Dear violina123,


                      Thank you. We have taken into account your suggestion. And we are working on this