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    Turning a single star image into a star field with an expression

    Rowby Level 1



      I have a single cartoon version of a star.  I would like to populate the background layer of the comp with a star field.  And I don't want to have to place those stars all in by hand.


      So I am looking for an expression (which I will control with a slider(s) ) that will give me the most flexibility.


      1)  Be able to "randomly" populate the background with the star image.

      2)  Adjust the size of the individual stars in some way (perhaps random -- but still have permaters in some way -- perhaps I will need to use different layers to do that.

      3)  The stars will be still, but I would like their rotation to be random, so that they are not all in the exact same position.


      4)  An additional feature would be the ability (if I upload a version that has a white color (instead of yellow) would be able to set colors for the various stars in some way.  (Possibly I would need to do different colors on different layers, if this is not easily possible -- even with a random expression re color???)single-yellow-star.png


      Any thoughts on this. I am a newbie to expressions, but I think I get the concept.