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    Auto Crop & Resize large batch of images (50,000+ images)

    alex98541522 Level 1


      I'm having trouble batching large amounts of images in PS CC 2017. The images need to be auto cropped to remove white space, and resized into 3 sizes. Currently I am running an action in the automate batch to do this. The problem is that PS crashes/freezes after about 3,000 images. Some times it will say not enough ram, other times an unknown error has occured. It is a pain to split up a folder with 50,000+ images in it to do small batches of a few thousand.


      Is there other software that will do the resizing and batching on a large scale? I Would like to just let the computer run over night to batch the 50,000 if possible. Or is there something I can do to Photoshop or my computer to make this process run to completion.