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    Need help splitting a 3,800 page medical record by a few variables


      I am a legal nurse consultant and just received a 3,800 page PDF file of medical records.  They are in order chronologically at this time.  However, I am looking for very specific information on each day of the hospitalization.  I just downloaded Acrobat DC Pro yesterday, to use on my Mac computer.   I have it all downloaded and have started watching youtube videos on how to navigate this program. I usually receive medical records from attorneys that have already been printed, so splitting and organizing is not such an issue, but because of a few variables out of my control, this one has to be done on the computer...and I am struggling.  There is a date range of a couple of months that the patient was hospitalized.  I need to split this document into individual days and make each day it's on file.  Each individual sheet in this file does have the date on it. I tried splitting the document, but I cannot see that I can split it by date.  I tried extracting, but there is a 10,000 word maximum.  I need this chart split into individual days, so that I can go back through and highlight the pertinent information that I can extract specific areas of documentation into another document.  Does that make sense?