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    Media Encoder Issue: auto-starting batch

    Philip Bowser

      Does anyone have any tips on sending multiple jobs to Media Encoder? I'm trying to send an array of subclips to Media Encoder using encodeProjectItem() but I'm running into a bit of an issue with Media Encoder automatically starting the batch.


      For example: when I use PProPanel's function transcode but remove the line:




      Media Encoder still starts the batch anyways. Is this normal behaviour? Or is there some way to tell Media Encoder to add the job, but don't run the encoding.


      I've tried to get around it by using Bridge Talk to tell Media Encoder to pauseBatch() immediately after sending the clips over.

      var bridge  = new BridgeTalk();
      bridge.target = 'ame';
      bridge.body   = 'var host = app.getEncoderHost();if (host){host.pauseBatch();}';


      But that seems like a clunky way of doing this.

      This is important to me as I will want to have the ability to manually modify outputs on specific clips before starting the batch.


      If anyone has any tips on this it would be greatly appreciated!