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      I want to install an add on in Photoshop CC. Never asked a question in a forum before now.  The instructions for the extension (luminosity mask actions), talk about Extension Manager interfering with installation of add on.  I can see that I have downloaded the add on, but cannot find it on the computer.  Nothing shows in Extension Manager.  Instructions advise that I may have trouble and that I should delete Extension Manager.  Not comfortable with my skills and don't want to do anything "stupid" or un-do-able.  My question; is it safe to delete Extension Manager from PS6?  And will that magically fix the issue?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The are many luminosity mask actions on the web.  Actions  are not normally Adobe Photoshop Extensions that is have a Photoshop panel. Some may have an Adobe Photoshop Extension panel.  How the extension is installed depends on how it is distributed.  If it is distributed through Adobe Add One site.  The extension would be downloaded and installed by  Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application.  Adobe old extension manger function was moved into the Creative Cloud Desktop Application.  If the extension is not distributed   through Adobe Add on Web application some third party installer would be used consult with the distributor if  the extension is not distributed via Adobe's Web Application. Started  using Photoshop menu Help>Find Plug-Ins and Extensions...


          We could help better if you would identified exactly what your trying to add on to Photoshop. Where you found it  what you did to get it what is it is marketed as its name.



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            Myra Ferguson Adobe Community Professional

            When you say that you can see that you have downloaded it, do you mean that the add-on shows up as "Acquired" on your My Add-Ons page? I ask because I had a similar issue recently. The add-on I purchased through the Adobe Add-On site appeared on My Add-On page as "Acquired" but was not in my downloads folder (I'm on Windows 10). After going through the troubleshooting steps, I contacted Adobe Support. It turned out there were technical issues on their end. If you don't see that your add-on has downloaded, I would recommend contacting them at asupport@adobe.com.

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