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    Won't install

    MethodPhoto Level 1
      Extension Manager won't let Pixel Blender install -
      "The extension required the following products:
      Photoshop 11 or greater
      Photoshop32 11 or greater
      The extension will not be installed.

      I do have Photoshop CS4 as part of CS4.

      Any thoughts?

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          Adobe Employee
          Hi, Richard.

          My first thoughts are: have you changed the name of the Photoshop package or have you installed to a 'non-standard' location. By non-standard I mean a path which contains a unicode character, etc.

          Let us know,
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            MethodPhoto Level 1
            Nope - standard install place
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              kjphotog Level 1
              Same here, er well I get a message that I don't have permission to install pixel bender, like its a computer issue. Which is a bit odd since im the admin of this here 'puter, vista 64. + I've not had problems installing other programs including PS cs4.
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                Adobe Employee
                kjphotog: Sounds like you need to run the Extension Manager as an Administrator.

                From the Start Menu, select All Programs > Adobe Extension Manager
                Right click the Extension Manager and select "Run As Administrator"

                Let us know if that resolves the issue.

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                  Errr...I met the same problem, couldn't install the Pixel Bender Plugin via Adobe Extension Manager CS4.
                  I use a MacBook Pro 2.53, Mac OS X 10.5.6, Photoshop CS4.
                  It is very appreciated if anyone can help on this issue, thanks.

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                    I'm on CS4 Master Collection, Standard Install, Mac OS 10.5.6, MacBookPro, and get the following error message through Extension Manager CS4 when trying to install the PixelBender Photoshop plugin: "The extension package is invalid. The extension will not be installed".

                    I am, however, able to install the sample exentions located in /Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CS 4/Samples
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                      ntrvrs Level 1
                      On Mac 105.6 I get this error message in the console:
                      1/24/09 7:15:20 PM [0x0-0x27027].at.obdev.LaunchBar[164] CoreEndianFlipData: error -4940 returned for rsrc type FREF (id 130, length 7, native = no)

                      And again, its accompanied by this error message in Extension Manager CS 4 2.1.115
                      "The extension package is invalid. The extension will not be installed".
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                        To correct my previous post this is the console error I get On Mac 105.6:
                        1/26/09 12:14:58 PM Adobe Extension Manager CS4[1936] Adobe Extension Manager CS4(1936,0xa0836720) malloc: *** error for object 0x17bb2a70: double free
                        *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
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                          Adobe Employee
                          Hi, all.

                          I can't reproduce the install issues on my systems here which leads me to believe I may be using a different version of the Extension Manager than you. Please post the version of the Extension Manager you are using. You can get the version by checking the Extension Manager About Box. After I gather that information, we should be able to resolve the install issues.

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                            ntrvrs Level 1
                            I'm using Extension Manager CS 4 2.1.115 on Mac 10.5.6 (MacBookPro) with a default install of CS 4 Master Collection. All CS 4 products are up to date.
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                              Adobe Employee
                              Thanks for the version info. I'll be able to run tests tomorrow and get back to you shortly.
                              • 12. Won't install
                                What is the MD5 checksum for the PixelBender plugin mxp you are trying to install? You can get this information by typing md5 pbplugin_ps32b_111708.mxp.
                                Note: You will need to "cd" to the directory that contains "pbplugin_ps32b_111708.mxp" or supply the full path to "pbplugin_ps32b_111708.mxp" in order for this command to work.
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                                  ntrvrs Level 1
                                  Macintosh-16:Desktop jP$ md5 pbplugin_ps32b_111708.mxp
                                  MD5 (pbplugin_ps32b_111708.mxp) = 1c7789b9ed697e6fa6e63b27831d6540
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                                    Excellent. Thanks for the quick response. I expect the following output from MD5:
                                    MD5 (pbplugin_ps32b_111708.mxp) = d14bdda5fdcdcc1528199021622b9acf

                                    Would you please try downloading the mxp file again. Out of curiosity, with what browser did you download the mxp file that reported a checksum of "1c7789b9ed697e6fa6e63b27831d6540"? Would you also post the size (in bytes) of this mxp file. Thanks.
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                                      ntrvrs Level 1
                                      22,500,362 bytes downloaded Firefox Version 3.0.6 was the one that originally didn't work
                                      However I redownloaded it (which I remember I had tried previously), and it now installs successfully ;)

                                      The bytes of the new file that worked are the same.