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    LR Cat/Windows/OSX and a NAS

    Pixie Mac



      I am confusing myself and would like some guidance please.


      Photos are stored on a NAS drive

      LR Catalogue stored on an external hard drive that can be read by both Windows and OSX (using MacDrive 10)


      I have a Desktop running windows 10


      MacBook Pro running OSX Sierra (my first forage into OSX) and loving it


      I initially created the catalogue on Windows PC so its drive mapping is P:   (have copied this catalogue and previews etc to the external drive)


      When I load the catalogue in LR via OSX it loads  P: but all the folders have ? which I know means it can't find P: and I know OSX operates in Volumes rather than drive mappings......


      So! how can I use the catalogue easily between both Windows and Mac


      Any help gratefully appreciated



      Screen Grab.jpg