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    Animated character sheet?


      Just looking for some advice on an idea I'd be interested in learning how to do. I hope this is okay to post.


      I'm making a dice game and have made many a test character sheet on google docs and other things, as well as basic text versions. But as the game develops and more systems are getting added that will change frequently during battle, I thought what would be great is to create something of an interactive character sheet.


      What I would like to do is to have a page with boxes and things as you'd expect to see on a char sheet but around some nice graphics building the page.

      But features I want would include;

      - Simple editable boxes

      - Plus and Minus buttons either side of some boxes to increase or decrease the number more easily.

      - graphs (maybe with invisible borders and fixed formatting) where you can add new rows. Like where you have a set of skills, with a button on the bottom that says "Add new skill" and adds a new row to be filled in, then later edited or deleted. (So like, a delete button at the side to remove a row)


      I'd imagine these aren't terribly complicated scripts, but I've never had any experience creating interactive documents.


      What I want to ask is, what software in the creative cloud would be good for creating this? as well as any guides anyone has that may help me or advice anyone can give me.

      Thanks in advance for anything anyone can give me!