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    How to clear old menu options from the "Edit With" menu?


      I need some help. When I am in the application and I want to edit a photo or image with Photoshop I right click over the image > Edit With > and if you notice the top 4 options, or more so the top 2, adobe illustrator cc 2007.app 21.0.2 and adobe photoshop cc 2017.app 18.0.1 are both old versions. If you select either one of them you get error messages that their are files that are missing. "Some of the application components are missing from the application directory, please reinstall the application." Just so you know installing the application again does not work. Yes, If you go to applications and open the app there it works fine. Also if you open the files through the creative cloud that also works fine. If you right click over a file type and select open with and select a program that too works fine.


      It is only when you select the "Edit With" menu option you get those error messages. Even if you select other and navigate to the application that does not work. It is almost like the applications the software is looking at is Cached somewhere.


      I need to know where and how to remove these options in the menu. There has to be a location to removed old, outdated menu options for adobe. This is not just a Indesign problem. Pretty much happens in all the adobe applications, granted in different menu paths. I am hoping someone has a solution. Adobe help desk spent over 2 hours with no solution. The only temporary fix that we could come up with is rename the application name and then it will show up as an option to select from within this menu option.



      Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 7.40.24 PM.png