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    Export images WRONG SIZE

    Walter Elias Level 2
      Yet another irritating bug in CS4 (did anyone actually test this program before it was released??). Can someone please test this and see if you get the same error:

      I set a Stage size of 768 x 576.

      On the stage I create two layers. The bottom layer contains a rectangle with a color fill. The rectangle is the same size as the Stage: 768 x 576. It is centered, at x=0, y=0. The top layer contains other images, smaller than the stage and set in the center.

      I Go to File/Export/Export Image. I choose JPG, PNG or any other format, Save. Then the dialogue box appears.

      I choose "Full Document Size" at 72dpi. The dimensions display correctly as 768 x 576.

      If I then choose "Minimum Image Area" the dimension CHANGES to 768 x 575!

      I have tried this numerous times with several images in several files. It always occurs the same. This is ridiculous. I absolutely depend on exact measurements when exporting graphics. If I can't trust CS4 to export images properly, then I can't use it.

      This was not a problem in previous versions of Flash.