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    mpg frames out of order in PE 15


      I'm trying to edit a .mpg file in Premiere Elements 15.  The video looks fine when I play it in Windows Media Player.  When I add it to a PE project it seems to have the frames out of order.  I tried to render it and the same effect is there.  It seems to flicker back and forth showing frames at random.   It's an old video from 2003.  I looked at the file properties and have this information:

      width 720

      height 480

      DATA RATE 6000 kbps

      TOTAL BIT RATE 7536 kpbs

      frame rate 29 frames/second


      I found one article that suggested I might have to change the settings in PE but nothing in settings seems to match. (I'm not familiar with the meaning of most of the settings).


      I will greatly appreciate any help you can give me.