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    2 operations in progress?


      Hi All,


      New to the forum, but glad to be here.  I've searched here and other places, but haven't found a sufficient answer to my question.  When I import to Lightroom 2 things happen:


      1. I get a progress bar showing the import

      2. I then get 2 progress bars stating that 2 operations are in progress


      This takes a very long time and I don't start editing until the 2nd part is complete.  My questions are:


      1. How did I set up for there to be two operations on the import side of things?

      2. What are the two operations?

      3. Do I need to let the operations finish before editing?

      4. What am I doing wrong on the front end of the import process to create this?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Operations in progress could include-

          Copying the files from the camera card.

          Renaming the files.

          Converting them to DNG.

          Creating 1:1 previews.


          So it is not unusual to see multiple operations in the progress bars.

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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            When multiple operations are running you can see details about each operation by clicking on the progress bar (an "intuitive" user interface):

            In general, as soon as a thumbnail appears in grid view in Library, you can start working on it (unless you've decided to convert to DNG, in which case wait until the conversion completes).  But interactive use of LR can be more jerky when multiple operations are running.

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