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    Adobe Acrobat X-Pro


      A short time after HP recently remotely worked on a separate problem on my computer, I noticed I could no longer print to pdf!

      1. Convert a Word doc to pdf - In the past, I hit Print, and then changed the setting from Printer, to print to Adobe PDF. Now when I attempt to do
        same, a pop-up appears that says “We couldn’t print because there doesn’t seem to be a printer installed. :-( “
      2. Convert a PDF to another PDF – I would do same as for Word (#1), but now instead of converting to pdf, or getting an advisement pop-up, document just prints directly to my printer!


      How do I get things back to where they used to be?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat X is quit old and is no longer supported by Adobe. Acrobat X has not been updated to work with MS Office 2013 and 2016.

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            rikis10295378 Level 1

            Appreciate your responding to my question. Yes, I am aware that Acrobat X-Pro is no longer supported by Adobe. That is the reason why I have been relegated to the Forum, to find solutions for my Adobe problems. And to date, I haven't any answers. I happen to have MS Office 2013, and Adobe Acrobat X-Pro has worked fine for years, until as I had noted above, things only changed after HP recently remotely worked on a separate problem on my computer.



            Would you happen to know how to fix the Adobe issues I have?



            Thank you.