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    Build ios creates app without icons and splash screen... using the same zip days ago creates it without problem

    oscara51041274 Level 1



      I build an app same days ago an all works like a charm, after try to build an update in ios, Apple rejected binay because icons are not included, I try to rebuild it and the ipa has not icons or splash screen after install it.


      I try with the same zip file from last version, that is in the app store without problems, and the ipa that builds has not icons or splash scrreen,  I also tried to use a previous version of phonegap but same result.


      Could be a problem with one of the pluggins?.


      Update: It also fails statusbar plugin, but without it icons and splash screen are neither displayed.


      Update 2: I have also tried without any plugin except  device and splashscreen and the same result, no splash screen or icon is displayed on ipad.


      My app ID is  2515914


      Thanks in advance.

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