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    Tethered on Lightroom 6 with Nikon D3s is not working :(



      I have a problem with connecting Lightroom 6 with my NikonD3s. Before I installed new system on my Mac - El Capitan 10.11.6, Lightroom 6 and any other Lightrooms are not working wit my Nikon. Before that - everything was working great!

      I tried also many other programs like sofortbild, Camera Control Pro and nothing works. I read all instructions on Lightroom web what I should do to maki it work, like restart everything, connect camera before I turn Lightroom on, download new software to Nikon, but still nothing work. Guys in Apple service can't do anything, they have tried every possibility but still not working.

      Anybody knows what could I do?

      Please help! I don't won't to buy new laptop to make this program work