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    A few issues with animate


      So I'm having a few problems with animate, mostly having to do with drawing lines. I'm running animate on a surface studio and this is the only program I use that has these problems which makes it difficult to get stuff done.


      the first problem is that trying to draw lines with curves in them will straighten themselves out http://i.imgur.com/n3pkGBz.gifv is an example. This also happens when drawing circles which is a problem.


      the second problem is that when i draw shorter lines, a lot of times it wont work and instead try to drag stuff up, down when i try to draw a short line up or down and forward and back when i try to draw a line left or right. http://i.imgur.com/71v287I.gifv here you can see that sometimes it works, sometimes it just does dots but it mostly just tries to drag up.


      these problems pretty much make it impossible to use the program at all. so i'm hoping that someone knows whats going on and might be able to help

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          just.emma Level 4

          You can adjust the brush smoothing settings in the properties panel.  For less smoothing, set it to a lower number.


          Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.53.05 PM.png

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            Loganhoff2012 Level 1

            Thanks for the help, but it didn't work. I'm beginning to think its a problem with the tablet itself.

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              Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

              Here's one thing you can try that I found on the Adobe Prerelease site for Animate:





              You could also try to disable to Microsoft Ink driver as I've heard that can help as well because it fights with the nTrig driver. Unfortunately even that doesn't seem to do much. I've had a few Surface computers and they simply don't work well with Animate primarily because of the graphics drivers which are nTrig and not Wacom and all drawing tools in the Adobe suite were built to Wacom specs or so I've read. I have heard there are some fixes on Microsoft's end as well as Adobe's end in the works but it's unfortunately not there yet.

              The only thing I can suggest is to draw slower. Yeah I know it's a lame suggestion but that's how it is for now.


              In the meantime, The product team is looking to fix issues related to this one. If you are not on the latest version of Animate CC, i suggest using Feature Request/Bug Report Form  to send your observations to the team.

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