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    Dreamweaver's new look

    dakotawilliams Level 1

      What a day!!  My goal was to make a simple bar guide for Seattle visitors on my website.  But first, I wanted to move my project from my Mac to my pc.  First, Adobe wanted to "update" files which took over half an hour.  Then, I spent three hours trying to learn how to move one folder of files from a Mac to a pc and have Dreamweaver recognize them.  And THEN - Dreamweaver is now a black on black theme that I can't read at all.  If I go to Preferences - Interface, I have a choice between dark and light but the four color boxes shown are all black.  Nothing will make the page background light enough that I can even see the typical "x" in the corner to close a page.  And after hours of reading online, I can't find an answer.


      Meanwhile, if I had just opened up Notepad editor (free), I could have had my bar guide done in thirty minutes or less with NO frustration.  Adobe just jacked the monthly price up about 50% for CC and all I do with that money spent is read tutorials on how to get back to where I was the last time I opened an Adobe product. 


      So, any idea on how to get my pc version of Dreamweaver to look like my Mac one - with a "classic" light background so I can see what is going on.