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    LR 6 and the error 16 problem


      I have a copy of Lightroom 6 that I purchased. (I don't use it enough to justify getting the CC version.) The only way I can run it is to install it every time. I've already tried the SLStore and Adobe PCD folder fixes and neither of these folders existed. I created them (with full permissions for admin) and it didn't work. I've tried running the application as admin and that only produces a different error saying "Your application install seems to be damaged. Please reinstall the application." I'm at wit's end.


      When it installed off the disk, it created this folder...

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\

      Under that is Set-up.exe. That is what I have to run to get it working.

      There are two sub-folders under that, App and Data. The executable lightroom.exe is in ...\Adobe Lightroom\App\Lr\

      This is what I tried running as admin.


      Since I have to reinstall each time, I can't use the Nik Collection on my photos.


      What do I do?