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    Upgrading 2009 Mac Pro Processors for Premiere

    smm4774 Level 1



      I'm pretty new to Premiere and learning a lot.  I have a 2009 8 core Mac Pro with 64mb of ram, all SSD drives and an NVIDIA 980 TI from Mac Vid Card. 


      I am a full time editor, primarily in AVID but also in Premiere.  New machines are very expensive and I want to get as much life out of my old mac as possible.  The only upgrade left, is to upgrade the firmware to 5,1 and replace the processors with dual 2.66 12 core processors.  In theory, this should double it's processing power but I'm a little concerned about the upgrade.  I'll be running an unsupported franken-mac and I want to avoid problems.


      Has anyone else done this and have suggestions?  I'm looking to have a company in LA called Ibuildmac do the processor upgrade.