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    Library books won't open in ADE 4.5


      I downloaded some library books for my wife about a week ago, and transferred them to her Nook Glowlight reader. Today, I opened ADE so I could return the borrowed items, and none of the books appear in the library window. I checked the 'Digital Editions' folder, and the titles show up there. If I click on a title, it opens ADE, but nothing appears in the window.

      I just installed this software on this particular computer (Windows 7 Pro), but had been using it without problems on her old laptop.

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          markg62167707 Level 1

          From what I have read on the Internet, some Nooks (older products) will not work with ADE newer versions. You must de-activate and uninstall ADE 4.5 then download and install ADE 3.0. You will need to re-activate. This worked for me on my old Nook Simple Touch.

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            alanj0352 Level 1

            I know about the Nook problem; I figured out how to sideload books soon after getting the device for my wife. My problem is, the books that are already downloaded to her laptop will not show up in ADE. I get a blank window in the "Library" tab when I open the application. Also, if I click on the book in the "My Digital Editions" folder on her laptop, ADE opens, but does not display the book.

            It was working fine last week when I downloaded the books from the local library.