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    Output edited video as a Windows WMV file type


      Adobe Premier Elements forum members:


      I am a serious Windows Media Center user. I am retired so I have time to watch a lot of TV for enlightenment purposes much more than for entertainment purposes, I have acquired so many "units of enlightenment" that it is impossible for me to remember it all. Plus, if I record a 30 minute news broadcast, the unit of enlightenment that I find most valuable contained therein may only last for a minute or two. So I don't really want to save a 30 minute recording to preserve two minutes of enlightenment. The default file format for Windows Media Center is WTV (I speculate that means Windows Television); which is a real pain in my behind. I have experimented with different file format converter units of software to convert files in WTV format to WMV (Windows Media Video) so that I can edit the WMV file using Adobe Premier Elements. I am not seeking help with that part of the problem. That is not a Adobe Premier Elements issue. I have to take care of that on my own, and for now I believe I have.


      I have a nine minute video edited down from a 30 minute WMV video news broadcast. I have saved it as a project in Adobe Premier Elements version 12 as a PREL file. I used to do this a long time ago but I have forgotten how I did it. It seems to me that I have to some how save the contents of the Adobe Premier Elements video editor as a WMV file. As best I recall the process was then known to me as "rendering". I really care not one wit what the process is called in Adobe Premier Elements though I would much appreciate it if someone could enlighten me on that subject. Right now I just want my editing results as a WMV file that I can store in whatever Windows file folder I want to put it in.


      Any guidance, enlightenment, or assistance that anyone could so kindly provide to me at this time would be greatly appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Although you can edit WMV files in Premiere Elements, it's not a format the program works with well.


          If you're going to work with WMV files, I'd very much recommend you use Windows MovieMaker instead to your editing.


          Although the program is no longer officially offered by Microsoft, you can find older versions of it at various download sites.

          Windows Movie Maker 2012 (Windows) - Download


          Particularly since what you're doing isn't particularly high level editing, I'd very much you go that route rather than trying to make Premiere Elements work for your purposes.

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            TedPalmer Level 1



            Thank you for your reply. It has added to my knowledge of the situation.


            But. . . . . It doesn't really address my issues. Editing is only part of the problem. I want what I want, and I don't want to be told that I should want something else even if the reason is a very good one. Part of the answer is that Premiere Elements version 12 doesn't even provide an option to save the edited result as a WMV file. Maybe I should return to a previous version of Premiere Elements because years ago I know that I could save an edited result as a video file in WMV format.


            Sometimes just asking the question inspires me to investigate for a better solution. What I found after additional investigation was that the answer to my question was in the drop-down sub-menu that appears unintuitively under the main menu option "Windows". The sub-menu choice that was the answer to my question was "Share". The  "Share" option gives me a choice of saving my edited result in one of 5 different file format presets that is appropriate for the kind of device that I expect somebody else is use to watch the video that I just created. The 5 different sub-menu choices were called "presets", and WMV wasn't part of any option choice. It spares me and others of the burden of being familiar with all the different parameter choices that must be made to save an edited result in a way that others can watch the video in. That is a good way to provide functionality to those of use who don't want to have to be a video-audio engineer to get usable results. But there should still be a "custom" option for saving a result in whatever file format the user wants to save their work result in. There was in the previous version of Premiere Elements that I spoke of.


            It does turn out that WMV was not the best choice of file format for what I wanted to do any way. I don't expect you to be a subject mater expert on all things video. In my question I did state that Windows Media Center (WMC) was the primary software application that I was using to observer my videos edited or otherwise. Being "Windows Media Center" I should expect that it would "play" media in whatever file format is given to it. I don't know to what degree that is the case, but MPEG is one of the file formats in the presets that I had to choose from described above. WMC played my edited file just fine.