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    Accessing properties of loaded WindowedApplication from the Main WindowedApplication.

      Hi Friends.

      I am trying a project and according to my plans I am trying for some thing but don't know is it possible..
      I am compiling multiple air applications and One of them will be the main application. and another will not be actually *.air but the compiled swf file.

      In my final Air package I am going to package the Main application withe the other swf file too.

      So the main application will load the second swf file on requirement.

      Now my issue is i am able to access properties/functions of main application from the loaded WindowedApplication but I am not getting the idea how to access the loaded WindowedApplication properties/function from the MAIN application..

      This i am doing Because I can later Modify only the other application with out EFFECTING the MAIN.. like software updates..

      But getting the issue... Local Connection is Success. but still I want to establish a direct connection between the two WindowedApplications so to avoid lots of code what we write for LocaConnection objects.

      Please Give me any idea.