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    Subscription and Perpetual pricing


      Is there a way to make products available using BOTH Subscription and Perpetual pricing models?  E.g. $10 per year OR $50 for perpetual license.

      Or does one need to create two separate products to support this?


      If this is not available, this would be a useful addition given it would:

      1. Avoid the overhead of creating and maintaining two separate products
      2. Provides better visibility of available pricing options for a given product - rather than user having to find the other version of the product. 
      3. Avoids redundancy / clutter in the Adobe Exchange. 


      Thanks in advance,


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          Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

          Hi Brian,


          If you really want to support both pricing models you would need 2 different products submissions. However, I would suggest providing one kind of product either subscription or perpetual, not both. Unless you are doing this for testing purposes I think some products are better set up for subscription whereas some may be better for perpetual. For example a simple utility that will likely not be updated again would be a good candidate for perpetual but for an add-on where you expect to deliver on going support and features I think subscription can make sense.


          Right now my focus is on supporting multi-user licensing rather than supporting 2 different purchase models for the same product.


          I would love to hear your thoughts.




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            Brian-Mantuano Level 1

            Hi Jonathan,

            Thanks for the reply.  That's too bad it's not available.  Pricing is an area where it'd be great to have a bit more freedom as it has some obvious impacts on user adoption.  Sometimes it's not always clear upfront what those impacts might be, so having flexibility to change things and make adjustments along the way would be extremely useful. 


            People's perceptions around software purchases are continuing to evolve and Adobe itself has proven with Creative Cloud that you can take a perpetual license product like Creative Suite and transition it to a subscription model.  In the end it comes down to what option(s) make the most sense for end users, but having a marketplace that readily allows for those options seems like a win-win.




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              Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

              Hi Brian,


              Well the marketplace is flexible enough to support both purchasing types it just can't offer both at the same time and I think by having them separate you can see what works best and is most popular.




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                Brian-Mantuano Level 1

                It's nice that it offers both options, but still not ideal from either the users' or the producers' standpoints.


                An In-App Purchase API like those offered by the App Store and Play Store would offer the most flexibility and allow for really integrated workflows.  No need to go back into the store to purchase something.  This would be great for things like brush packs, filter packs, etc.  Hope we might see something like this in the near future. 

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                  Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

                  We are looking at offering a commerce API, I don't have a timeframe yet but it's definitely something we are looking to offer in the future.


                  Thanks for all the feedback, it's incredibly valuable as we create our plans and aim to address the needs of partners and users.