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    Which part of my PC needs to upgrade the most for PS video editing?

    Miro Lacko



      I love the video editing features of Photoshop even though PS is slow for that stuff. But for 2 minute clips with 1 second long cuts its ok.


      Which part of my computer should I upgrade the most for PS Video Editing? I'm fine with long rendering. I just dont like the slow video preview and too much skipped frames when previewing video with audio. I'm editing 1080p 60fps MOV files from my Canon and GoPro. Which part of the computer is using Photoshop the most for the Video preview? RAM? Graphic card? What should I upgrade at first? Thank you all for your suggestions.


      My computer setup:

      Intel Core i7, 4 cores, 3,6 ghz

      16 GB RAM

      GPU 1GB

      Photoshop is sitting on SSD, but files are on HDD


      Windows 10, Photoshop CC 2017