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    Adobe After effects Stopped working after Creators Update


      There is one similar post about this but is't kinda of vague, so here is the problem with more details.


      I received the Creators update a couple of days ago, after the update i couldn't run Adobe After effects CC 2017 at all, at launch it shows "After effects has stopped working" the same as After effect CC 2014 (i keep it for multi-core rendering), Also Premiere CC 2017 showed the same message after opening any project.


      I tried creating a new user & Uninstalling/reinstalling the programs with no luck.

      I Just rolled back the update because i need ِAfter effect for school.


      My System:

      Dell Xps 9560

      Intel i7 7700HQ

      Nvidia  GTX1050 , Intel HD graphics 630

      16GB Ram