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    iCloud Drive and Lightroom


      I have just started using Lightroom after years of using photoshop. I work on both a iMac and MB Pro. I have moved my catalog into iCloud Drive but just need to ensure that my photos are there too as my MB Pro says photos are missing (but gives me a preview and allows me to edit).


      I will locate where it imports my raws but does anyone see an issue with this aside from drives not being in sync?



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi ALudB,


          Please check the below discussions related to use iCloud with Lightroom also, we don't recommend to use the network drive for storing images or Lightroom catalog.


          best cloud backup solution for lightroom

          Storing my pictures on iCloud Drive


          Do let us know if you have questions.



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            ALudB47 Level 1

            Hi Mohit,


            Both of those don't really answer the same query. iCloud Drive is a folder on a computer that syncs. Essentially it is like any other folder on a computer, but in the background it syncs the contents of that folder on the hard drive to the cloud. If I have both Lightroom's catalogues set to iCloud drive they should act like any other folder on my hard drive.


            Ok, what do you suggest to properly keep both Lightrooms in sync if not this approach? It said external drives are not recommended which makes sense so what alternatives are there?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Where did you read that external drives are not recommended? Would you please quote the article that so stated that you should not use external drives?

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                CAlyanak Level 1

                I'd like to bump this question. Why can't we use iCloud Drive, which acts like a local folder on both macs, to store a catalog? The images themselves (in my case stored on a network drive) won't know the difference so long as the two catalogs are in perfect sync. Adobe??

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                  johnl25642152 Level 1

                  I would also like to know why Adobe is advising against storing the catalog on iCloud. It there a technical reason?

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                    Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You can use iCloud Drive, Dropbox, creative cloud drive, etc. to sync your catalog and images between computers. It will work. The caveat is that there is a significant opportunity for catalog corruptions loss of edits when the catalog is open on both ends Or the catalog file is opened on another computer before syncing has finished ( which takes a long time of you’re dealing with a catalog that is 100’s of GB). That is why they recommend against it. The other solution, just storing the catalog and the images on an external drive on the other hand will work flawlessly.


                    p.s. Because Adobe got pestered so much on this syncing between computers, they came out with the Lightroom cc app which does the syncing but is much less full featured than classic. You can sync from classic to cc and theN do edits on another computer or a tablet and the edits will sync back to classic.

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