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    Lightroom Crashes


      Is anyone else having an issue with Lightroom continually crashing after the recent update? There appears to be no single activity that causes it to crash. One of the frequent occurrences is after undertaking initial edits in Lightroom and then going to "edit photo in Photoshop" on saving the photo Lightroom crashes.


      All help welcome.



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          kanheiyaa Adobe Employee


          Please answer below queries for further investigation:

          1) Are you using latest version of Lr and Ps?

          2) system info

          3) Image File type



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            kevinp10923929 Level 1



            Hit the wrong button to begin with hence duplicated answer to my original question. Both Lightroom and Photoshop are the latest CC release. I have Windows 10 64 bit (up to date with all recent downloads), 32.0 GB memory running on an Intel i7 3770k processor. Everything was fine until the upgrade. I have noticed that when I go to edit an image in Photoshop I get an error message saying that Photoshop requires the latest version of Camera Raw do you want to continue and I hit yes each time. Camera Raw was updated when I updated Lightroom and Photoshop see below.