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    Suite call to Create Package of Illustrator Document


      For an ai document, we have an option to create a package in Illustrator under "File > Package...".

      Is there an SDK available to make package programmatically ?  In case if there is no direct SDK available, can I mimic the operation using combination of SDK suite calls ( get fonts, get images, get linked resources and place them as package folder).


      Please suggest.

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          Akhil Jindal Adobe Employee



          You can invoke any menu item programatically. Here's how to do it:


          sAICommandManager->GetCommandIDFromName(kCommandStr, &commandID);



          This would work exactly the same way as if the user had clicked on the menu item himself.


          The strings for various commands are defined in AIMenuCommandString.h but the constant for Package seems to be missing. The string constant for the package command is "Package Menu Item".


          Let me know if this works for you.