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    Projects Crash when loading

    aaron-friedman@att.net Level 1

      There are several projects that I originally created with earlier versions of PE. They were 12, and 14. Now I have PE 15, and I cannot load the projects without the program crashing. One project opened up, but when I used the edit tab and located the media and re-started the computer so Adobe could conform the videos the program crashed, and it continues to crash at loading. I re-started the computer, I don't have any stop menu markers, and there are no gaps in the project. I use Windows 10 Pro. Ram is 25 GB. Hard drive over a GB free. Please help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements has never been truly backwards compatible. I've been able to open some version 14 projects in version 15 but, as I say in my books, there are no guarantees. It's always best to complete your projects in the same version of the program you began them in.


          Opening an older version project in a newer version of the program can lead to buggy behavior and even occasionally to complete corruption of the file. In some cases you are skipping several versions of the program, attempting to open version 12 projects in version 15.


          That's why we always recommend that, if you do want to try opening an older version project in a newer version of the program, you keep a backup copy of your original project file -- just in case attempting to do so corrupts the project file completely.