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    Cannot Shrink Lightroom Mobile Storage on iOS

    muzuzunga Level 1

      I'm using Lr Mobile since inception, and Lightroom itself since pre 1.0-beta.  I've always migrated it to new iPhones.  Suddenly it grew to 200GB on the 7+.  I have about 250K photos synced to the cloud so far.  The Lightroom Photos collection importing from Camera Roll and having its own DNGs shows clearable cache of about 17GB, but every time I tell it to Clear Cache, either in global preferences or in that collection's, it shows only modest decrease from available -- 16.5GB, then 15.6GB.  I have no idea what occupied the rest.  I don't have any offline collections.


      How should I shrink it?  The problem with delete/reinstall is that the import is paused and I don't want any more dangling photos in syncing forever status...