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    Strange sychronising problem


      Please can some one help me? when I have a large number of photos to edit, I sync a few at a time that are similar.

      BUT the sync is taking through cropping, dotting and local adjustments, even though the sync information has not gotten those boxes ticked to carry forward.

      It is also carrying the edit of say the 3rd synced photo back to the first ones!....


      Also I cannot delete anything without deleting all, even in develop clicking on the particular photo, it not in thumbnail bar.

      I have double checked preferences etc all good, restarted about 30 times... 

      I have a AMD


      AMD Radeon HD 7950 3072 MB graphwhics card which I have both enabled and disabled....nothing changes.

      RUnning MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.4 on a MacPro


      I hope someone can help me please!

      Cheers Chrissy

      who is not a stranger to Lightroom at all~

      and I don't use lightroom Mobile xxx