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    File Could Not Be Found message in Development Mode


      1) I am a relatively new LR user.  A few months ago I imported a few thousand files from 2015 and 2016 and set them to be imported in folders by the year.  They went into subfolders by specific dates.  That worked well until I imported several hundred after 2016-11-11.  On this date, a new subfolder 2016 mysteriously formed with folders that look like they are aliases under the new 2016 folder (which also appears to be an alias folder).  At the top of my folders section (two main folders 2015 and 2016) there is a second 2016 folder under the first 2016 folder and that folder has  folders for 2016-11-22. 23. 24 and a non-alias folder  for 2016-11-28. Under that  (I'm trying to describe this as carefully as I can, although it seems confusing).  The problem is when I bring up any image from 11-22 on, I get the "The File Could Not Be Found" message when I am in the Develop mode, and I can't work on the files. 


      2) Second attempt at describing what is above:  In case the folder structure is not clear, I'll try again:  Top folder:  2016> 2016 (First level sub folder)> 2016-11-22:2016-11-28 (Second level sub folders -all of the icons look like aliases except 11-28 - incidentally my last import).  After this group there is the major group of first level sub folders:  2016-01-09::2016-11-10 (all folders look normal and all spot checked files  available in development mode) The last First level sub folder is 2016-11-11>2016 (with a second level sub folder that looks like an alias) >2016-11-11::2016-11-26 (third level sub folders that appear to be aliases).  The first few files in the first level sub folder 2016-11-11 are there, but after about 90 files in the folder I consistently get the "File Could Not Be Found" message


      3) I have also checked my hard drive, and everything looks ok to me -- folders by date with the noted number of files in each EXCEPT:  there is a first level sub folder for 2016-11-28 with 1600 files (I took a lot of pictures that day) AND they are duplicated in another sub folder 2016>20126-11-28.  I am afraid to delete or manually move this duplicate folder that seems to be in the wrong place for fear of making an even bigger mess.


      I have tried to describe what everything looks like (screenshots would be great, but I can't see how to upload them).  I hope someone can understand this and help me.  Thanks so much.