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      I have a Mac Book Pro with the updated Sierra 10.14.2 operating system.


      All of a sudden, after updating to the latests Sierra version, Reader started to ask me for the keychain password for my digital certificate. I provide the password but then Reader tells me that the certificate is not "confident".


      I have discussed the problems with the technical staff of the Bar Association and have confirmed that 1) my cryptographic card is well installed; and 2) the updated operating system is not the problem.

      I have discussed with Apple support and the keychain password I use is  correct. Further, my Mac reads the certificate perfectly well.


      It was suggested that i create a new user buy I hesitate to do it because I would have to reinstall the certificate and this would be extremely cumbersome and does not guarantee that the problem will be solved.


      However, Acrobat reader doe not consider my certificate valid. And the keychain cannot apparently be disconnected.


      Any ideas? I must sign documents for court purposes within 48 hours.


      (Personal contact information removed for security purposes)


      Thank you