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    OpenDoc with array of filenames

    doobeedoobee Level 1

      I am trying to create a function that opens PDFs using an array with the filenames :



               var listDocs = ["KOOS.pdf", "OKS.pdf"]


              var arrayLength = listDocs.length;

              for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i++) {


                    var otherDoc = app.openDoc(listDocs, this);



                    var pp = otherDoc.getPrintParams();





      I am getting the error

      NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method


      It works if I just have a variable :

      var listDocs = "KOOS.pdf"

      and don't use the loop. It also works if I have an array with only one filename in it.


      Thanks for your help