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    How to stop Lightroom from creating new copies of my original image every time I import new photos?


      Good day, I tried to research a lot of times about this question and sadly I did not found any answer.Hopefully, you can help me solve this problem.

      My PROBLEM is : Every time I import new images to my LIGHTroom from my HARDdrive, It tends to create a new copy similar to what is on the Harddrive.When I tried to delete the new copies of photos I imported, It caused some problem to theLightroom.It says PHOTO IS MISSING.By that, I need to restore the deleted photo or manually identify each photo source into the HARDRIVE. I want my HARDDRIVE to be the source of the image for my lightroom and not the new one created by LIGHTROOM when I imported the photos for me to save a space from my computer.Please help.