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    Photoshop CC error with .RAF files after latest Creative Cloud update

    NigelD1 Level 1

      After updating Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC in Creative Cloud 3 days ago I have found a number of problems.

      1) Lightroom will import .RAF files no problem. However, after processing, I try to open (CTRL+E) in Photoshop CC and get a message saying that I need to update my Camera RAW plug in to the latest version in Photoshop 9.10. ????? File opening options are either a) Render using Lightroom or b) Open anyway or c) cancel. So - "open anyway". I should mention that I DO have version 9.10

      2) Photoshop does actually open, but the image doesn't, I get zilch. Camera RAW plug in version in Photoshop is which it tells me is up to date.

      3) Using the "open" option in Photoshop CC and selecting a RAF file from Windows Explorer gives me a message "Photoshop Cannot open this file. If you are attempting to open a RAW file from a digital camera, make sure (then I get a link to an Adobe article KB407111 uk).

      4) I can open TIFF, jpeg and RW2 from GX8 with no problem, it seems just the Fuji files are affected and as I say, it is only since updating Creative Cloud.


      Any thoughts appreciated - I have a return call booked to Adobe so fingers crossed.