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    Unable to install AIR application

      Made my first AIR application but I can't install it. It has a self-signed certificate. When I try and install it from a badge on a webpage I get the following in .airinstall.log:

      UI SWF load is complete
      stateRunningAppInstaller: appinstaller -runtime C:\DOCUME~1\MARK~1.HOR\LOCALS~1\Temp\AIR58.tmp -playerVersion=9,0,115,0 -sandboxType=remote -securityDomain=airdownload.adobe.com -https=false -fromUserEvent=true -- -withRuntime -url TimeTracker.air
      App installer failed; exit code 7
      begin quitting

      and the error message is:

      Sorry, an error has occured.
      The Application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.

      I'm using Windows XP, have Flex Builder 3 and Flash CS3 installed.


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          markh Level 1
          Looks like part of my problem is permissions. When I log into an account that has permissions to install applications I can now install the air app by right-clicking on the .air file. But I'm still having problems with the badge. I now get:

          The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author. Error # 2032.

          I tried adding the following line to my apache config:

          AddType application/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zip .air

          but it makes no difference. I am able to install and run the sample air apps on the adobe site.
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            markh Level 1
            Looks like the flashvar appurl HAS to be absolute e.g. I thought just using "TimeTracker.air" would be enough because it was in the same directory as the flash badge.