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    Updated Lightroom CC 2015 SDK documentation


      Are there any updated Lightroom CC 2015 SDK documentation, as the currently available ones are getting out of date with current functionality (they are a couple of years old by now).


      It would be excellent to have an up-2-date documentation including the new funcitonality (such as parameters for interacting with the new transform panel, not present in the documentation. Such as names for revealPanel and such), also some parametes seems to have stopped working (such as setting EnableDetail, EnableToneCurve etc. are now read-only, setting these does not enable/disable the corresponding panel anymore - worked in previous versions).


      Not having up-2-date documentation makes plugin development like shooting in the dark, there are lots of undocumented parameters and the likes - and with stringly-typed arguments it is virtually impossible to discover proper parameter names, without simply brute forcing.