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    One Project - Four TOCs - Four Outputs with some shared topics




      I have four TOCs: A, B, C, and D.


      For example, A contains 10 topics, B contain 7 topics, C contains 3 topics, and D contains 3 topics. Some topics are shared between TOCs.


      Now, when I am generating a chm for TOC A, the TOC appears fine. From the Search tab in the chm, if I do a search with some common words like and, the, and so forth, the search result displays also topics that are part of the other TOCs (may be B, C, or D). Is there a way to stop these topics of other TOCs to appear in the serach result?


      I need this because all the TOCs are for different customers and some topics should be hidden from each other.


      Please let me know if it requires more clarification.


      Thanks in advance,