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    How to create this title? (creative question)

    creazer Level 1

      Hi, I saw this awesome clip and would love to know how to design titles like this. I have uploaded the exact example. I use Premiere Pro CC and

      After Effects CC. Some guidance on how I can achieve this result would be great. I usually purchase After Effects Templates. I know the basics.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The movement would be easiest to do if you made your layers 3D layers and animated the camera Z position.


          The dotted lines making circles can be created using shape layers and the ellipse tool. You make a stroke, add dashes and spaces to create the circles.


          The background color on the circles looks like stock footage or footage that is out of focus or blurred and then the circles are used as a track matte for the background footage.


          There are several lighting effects that can be applied to the text layer to generate the moving sheen. CC Light Streaks is one.


          If you are very new to AE then you will need to spend some time with the basics of blend modes, track mattes and AE Camera animation techniques before you go too far. This is all really basic stuff.


          Please let us know your experience level. For basic instruction in how to use AE please start here: Basic AE and use the Search Help field in AE to learn about Track Mattes, Blend Modes, Camera Animation and any thing from the Effects menu that you don't under stand how to use.

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            creazer Level 1

            Hey Rick. Wow. thats perfect direction. Thank you so much. I would consider myselff a basic user. I do things like edit comp in after effects to add warp stabalizer, addingf title comps from AE, and purchasing AE projects from the various creative sites and tweaking them to suit the media.